Managing employee resistance to new technology

Change can be difficult. We all have the tendency to fall into a routine, so when we are asked to adapt to a new process we can sometimes be opposed to it. Opposition to change can be especially challenging in the workplace. This blog will identify some of the reasons workers resist change and will provide you with possible solutions to help them with the transition from traditional paperwork to TruQC’s paperless documentation app.

First and foremost, take time into account. Everyone needs time to learn and become comfortable with a new system. Introduce TruQC gradually by starting it on just one project. This way you can focus on training the employees on that specific project. Once you’ve successfully trained those employees, they can help others understand the benefits of successfully using TruQC.

Communication is key when changing the way your employees do reporting; a core part of their job. Be sure to discuss with your workers how TruQC will fit into their workflow and how it will benefit them. It’s also important to be receptive to feedback. There may be something your employees see and experience day-to-day that you’re unaware of and could affect how they use TruQC. Listening, taking your workers’ input into account, making them know that they are being heard and involving them in the process are great ways to get them on board for changes.

It is important to take employee input into account, but do be sure to stand your ground and be firm that TruQC is your company’s new standard way of reporting. Your employees may be tempted to revert back to paper reporting because it’s familiar, but this does nothing to further your initiative. If anyone seems to be struggling, offer assistance and be sure your employees know that they can contact TruQC support whenever needed.

When implementing new technology, or any new initiative, your employees may be resistant because they feel unprepared for it. Providing adequate resources and training is a great way to combat resistance and that’s where we come in! We suggest getting all of your workers trained to use TruQC about two weeks before you plan to implement. This gives everyone ample time to play around with the software and time for us to provide follow-up training if necessary.

Establishing a TruQC point-person on the jobsite is another great way to help with the transition. Workers can be discouraged if they have a quick question but no one to go to. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have one of your employees who is proficient in TruQC available to field questions directly on the jobsite. Providing an on-site resource for your workers can help with those quick-fix solutions and combat any minor issues when using the app.

Implementing TruQC can seem like a daunting process to both you and your workers, but it doesn’t have to be. Once your employees understand all the benefits TruQC can provide to them you won’t have to convince them to use TruQC, you’ll just have to show them how to begin. For advice on getting started, check out our blog, “I just signed up with TruQC. Now what?” It provides useful tips to help during your initial implementation of TruQC.

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