Marine giant Vigor Marine in Portland now going with TruQC’s quality control software

TruQC is excited to once again be taking to the high seas. Vigor Marine in Portland, a subsidiary of Vigor Industrial, has enlisted the services of TruQC’s quality control software.

Vigor Marine in Portland claims as its own three dry-docks, more than 10,000 feet of pier space and tens of thousands of square feet of covered shop and fab facilities capable of servicing vessels of nearly any size.

The specialists at Vigor Portland tend to the capacity and fuel efficiency of America’s fishing and cargo fleets, and we’re proud to now be working beside them.

In addition to state-of-the-art environmental, efficiency and safety improvements for commercial maritime owners, Vigor has repair agreements with the U.S. Navy and decades of experience maintaining Coast Guard Icebreakers.

Since early in the twentieth century, Vigor has provided a port in the storm for some of the biggest ships on the sea. We’re proud to now be a part of that legacy.

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