More than just field software, we’re an office app too

As you’ve probably read on our blog, one of our clients, Thomas Industrial Coatings, is currently utilizing TruQC for their Eads Bridge painting project in St. Louis, Missouri.

But, they’re also using it to streamline their office operations, including accounting.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the advantages they’re finding with our field software and how our quality assurance and quality control app is making the lives of their office personnel easier.

Managing employee payroll

Before TruQC field software, payroll at Thomas Industrial Coatings could get pretty complicated.

A foreman would turn in a hand-written weekly time report, that would needed to be initialed by all employees. Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren’t. Every Monday, the company’s foremen either faxed in their reports or dropped them off on their way to a given job-site, for the office staff to then handle by hand. A Project Manager would then need to approve. All before Tuesday morning, as that’s when Betty’s Wosman’s long-day of the work week began.

From 6 AM to 3:30 PM on Tuesday, Betty, the company’s office manager, would compile all the data she had received. After running final reports, she could then submit to payroll – a familiar process to most in the industry. It was long, tedious, and incredibly inconvenient and inefficient.

As for accuracy, well, it could be improved too. And that’s not exactly something you want to say when it comes to payroll, no matter which side of the check you’re standing.

Now, however, for the Ms. Wosman at Thomas Industrial Coatings, there’s an alternative (cue the upbeat music).

With TruQC, foremen have until Tuesday morning to submit their reports using our timesheet calculator. Then, Betty can simply run a report with TruQC and copy and paste in (versus hand typing) all billable hours. This is a much preferred alternative to manually entering in each timesheet. This minimizes entry error and shaves time off of the entire process, about an hour in fact.

“Reports are now signed on a daily basis and are more accurate than they were before,” said Betty.

Managing expenses with TruQC

In addition to simplifying the employee payroll system for Thomas Industrial Coatings, TruQC is reducing the hassles in the rest of the accounting process as well. It offers a systematic and well-organized way of managing business expenses.

Historically at Thomas Industrial Coatings, as employees made purchases – everything from fuel to supplies on the job-site – they filed expense reports with corresponding receipts. After Project Managers approved expenses according to job numbers, they would make their way to Dara Nausley, the company’s purchasing and logistics coordinator.

Dara then had to separate receipts according to credit card numbers to compare with the monthly statement. All of the purchases, for each credit card, had to be organized by job number and expense type before submitting them for approval and payment. Multiple credit cards, across 40 or so projects, amounted to a mountain of receipts.

But now that they’re using TruQC, they’ve discovered that managing expenses can be a streamlined process. Dara reconciles a given credit card statement by referencing it and pulling up TruQC alongside. Within the app, she then filters expenses by both time and job number to easily compare with the statement. Dara says TruQC saves her almost a full-day of work a week, in comparison to the old system.

“Guys who used to never turn in expense reports on time are now doing so,” said Dara. “I get more thorough information and they tend to put information in right away and are not missing as many receipts, since it’s so easy to use.”

Working efficiently with TruQC

For Thomas Industrial Coatings, TruQC is as important to those on the job-site using their field software as it is to those in the office. Hours of work, mountains of paperwork and many opportunities for error have been eliminated by using TruQC.

In addition to streamlining safety and inspection documentation, managing time and expenses with TruQC keeps Thomas Industrial Coatings working on-time and on budget.

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