Need support? We have 4 options for you…

So here you are: An employee forgot his logins. The Elcometer gauge won’t connect. You can’t email a report after three attempts. Who do you call?


At TruQC, customer service is our priority. We have an ongoing support team ready to help customers whenever we can. If you run into TruQC trouble on the job site, you can utilize the following four resources to get your reports running smoothly again.


User Guide

Located in the app itself, the User Guide is the perfect spot to find answers for your TruQC questions. The User Guide can be found by going to the Admin Screen, and tapping on “User Guide.” Do not forget that the TruQC User Guide is searchable! When you type in key words under “Search Document,” the User Guide will highlight any place where that particular word is mentioned.


The TruQC video library is another excellent resource for quick refresher trainings. You can access the videos by going to, clicking on “Product”, then “Video Library” which will take you to our YouTube page. Here, you can watch videos on the new TruQC sync range, file cabinet functionality, viewing the dashboard, and much more. Each video is under five minutes in length, and walks you through TruQC functions. We upload videos with each TruQC release, so be sure to check back often.

Customer Email and Phone Support

TruQC staff and customer support are always available for assistance throughout the day. If you would like to reach our team via email, contact In addition to email, you can also contact our team at our new toll free number, 1.866.488.4170. Call this number for technical and service support, and one of our team members will assist you!

 New! TruQC Website and Live Chat

We are pleased to announce that our website has gotten a facelift! For additional articles, case studies, blog posts, and more check out Our new site also features a live-chat functionality where you can instantly speak with our team at any time for support and sales questions.

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