Paperless paint project for the US Navy nominated for Corrosion Innovation of the Year

We’re proud to announce that our Robust Functional Paperless Paint project for the US Navy’s quality assurance has been nominated by Materials Performance as a Corrosion Innovation of the Year for 2014.

The project is intended to address the problem of complex, redundant and error-prone methods of documenting ship repair currently in use by the US Navy.

To mitigate these issues, TruQC has modified its proven, commercially available quality assurance application to be compliant with Navy Standard Item 009-32 Cleaning and Painting requirements.

The resulting centralized software system utilizes cloud data storage and tablet technology to facilitate more accurate data capture, reduce inspection time and minimize errors.

Materials Performance is the world’s largest circulation trade journal dedicated to the prevention and control of corrosion. They presents the award for the Corrosion Innovation of the Year at their annual Corrosion Conference, held this year in San Antonio, Texas.

The commercially available version of TruQC was proud to take home the Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award in 2013.

You can view TruQC’s official nomination, along with the other nominees, here.

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