Pro hockey player Barret Jackman invests in TruQC

BJackman (1)

Hometown hockey legend Barret Jackman has recently chosen to invest in TruQC. St. Louis’ longest tenured pro athlete has been in discussion with TruQC for some time, and has made the decision to partner with the company.

The Canadian transplant has lived in St. Louis since he began his career and has been following the rapidly growing tech scene in the city. After becoming convinced of the quality of TruQC as a product, and the excellence of the leadership, he made the decision to purchase a share of the company.

TruQC feels that this partnership serves to deepen the company’s relationship with the city of St. Louis, and add to the legitimacy of an already exceptional product.

“Barret has represented quality and consistency on the ice in St. Louis for a long time now,” said TruQC CEO, Ross Boyd. “It’s exactly that type of day-in-and-day-out reliability that we hoped to bring to our cients when we started this company. It’s really a perfect match.”

Mr. Jackman will be a minority stakeholder in TruQC and will have limited involvement with day-to-day operations.

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