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Whether you build, paint, manufacture, program- regardless of what you create- quality control more than likely plays an important part in what you do. After all, quality control is nothing more than assuring you’re consistently delivering a solid product or service. Given the range of creative endeavors requiring quality control, it’s no surprise that our customers’ needs span a wide range of functions.

We’ve written before about the importance of incorporating customer feedback into the development of your software, and it’s no less important now. Providing useful software is about scratching the customers’ itch. That’s why finding out which features they would include in their own QC software is so important.

Here are a few of the features of our app that were directly inspired by our customers’ feedback and suggestions.

  • Document library- We realized early on that our customers would benefit from being able to store documents directly within our app. Later, we improved the way those documents were organized with an intuitive folder feature.
  • Gauge integration- Our app’s ability to talk with coatings thickness gauges is a huge convenience for our industrial painting and inspection clients. Based on their feedback, we’ve made it possible to connect TruQC with PosiTector devices via WiFi and Elcometer devices via Bluetooth.
  • Checklists- Easily customize checklists for whatever tasks your quality control operations require. This allows for QC software that is well adapted to your organization.
  • Addition capabilities- An “add from report” option allows users to import answers from other reports, cutting down on time spent filling out forms for similar operations.
  • Increased data range- Instead of being able to access reports only from the last two weeks, set your own data range and access reports from anytime within that range.
  • Associated documents- This feature allows users to annotate and make changes to any PDF document by writing directly over the top of it. Then, easily and immediately share the changes with everyone involved with the project via the cloud.
  • Multiple signatures- Now multiple signatures can be added to any report. Even non-TruQC users are able to sign off on a report.

Our QC software is more of a collaboration than a product. We’re always keeping our ears open to customer feedback. Thanks to a highly talented group of developers, we’re then able to respond and incorporate much of that feedback into newer versions of our app. In fact, around half of the new developments that accompany each new release of TruQC are a direct result of the things we’re hearing from our customers.

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