Quality control and documentation beyond industrial painting

We started TruQC with the intention of modernizing industrial painting documentation. There were inefficiencies and error-prone processes we thought could be engineered out of the practice. We built an app that industrial painters like. Our clients can attest to that. And then came the realization that outdated methods of documentation and quality control are common in far more industries than just industrial painting.

Documentation requirements and the challenges of meeting those requirements are similar regardless of a company’s size and structure. Clearing the hurdles presented by regulatory agencies and rising to meet the demands of customers are challenges for companies big and small, and in every industry.

In construction in particular, and production industries in general, individuals in charge of delivering a quality product or service for their customers are increasingly becoming buried beneath mountains of paperwork. They are spending more time as secretaries, documenting work being done rather than actively observing that work and contributing their expertise in a way that better maximizes their professional value.

As it stands, contractors, manufacturers and field sales personnel are asked to wear a lot of hats. Their documentation responsibilities span various disciplines, and require an understanding native to a number of separate departments, including human resources, accounting, quality control and safety management. Procedures for record keeping often involve multiple Excel templates, highly specialized applications, dedicated software and even multiple salaried positions. The end result of all this must then be integrated and delivered in order to remain in good standing with regulatory agencies.

A complete solution

What is needed is a versatile solution, comprehensive enough to be useful in a wide range of settings, yet customizable enough to meet the needs of workflows and approval matrices unique to each company. Regardless of the industry or market niche, every one of these companies would benefit from an integrated, comprehensive solution to quality control and documentation.

That’s why we’re branching out from the industrial painting industry to bring our app to a larger audience. We’re taking our easy-to-use interface, and customizing it for clients in industries as varied as power generation, inspection and manufacturing. There are certainly commonalities to the documentation processes for all these industries. That’s how we know there’s a widespread need for a solution. But we also know that companies have their own processes for documentation, unique chain-of-command structures, and rules and regulations particular to their own industries.

That’s where our talented team of developers comes in. It’s why our app is not a product we drop off at your door for implementation tomorrow. We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business, and we design a product that complements your process.

Quality control and process documentation are in need of an overhaul. This is true beyond the industrial painting industry. Nearly every industry could benefit from a streamlined solution. At TruQC, we have some ideas on how to make that happen.

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