Quality control app passes quality assurance testing for iPad Mini

Believe it or not, as small as the iPad is (especially when compared to its laptop and desktop ancestry), the tablet device can still be too big and bulky for some industrial painting and construction professionals looking to manage their job-site with the iPad.

It’s certainly not heavy, and at roughly 7.5″ x 9.5″, it’s smaller than your average pad of paper. But something about it is just too big for some construction, painting and job-site professionals.

Enter – iPad mini.

iPad Mini TruQC quality control software

Surely we don’t have to sell you on this fantastic (relatively) new device from Apple. But just in case, a few things to consider:

  • It’s less than 5.5″ x 8″ in size and fits securely in most coat pockets, bib-overall pockets, even some pants pockets
  • It offers the fastest wireless speeds when compared to previous generation iPads
  • It’s lighter, rests in the palm of one hand and has all of the capabilities of regular iPad

And the best part – TruQC works perfectly on iPad Mini.

We’ve put the new, smaller device and our app through quality assurance testing again and again, and when it comes to our quality control software, you’re safe on the latest iPad or iPad Mini running iOS 6+.

Learn more about our product and the reports you can manage with it here.

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