Tips and Tricks

Tips for getting back to work with TruQC

As everyone starts getting back to work, we wanted to pass along some tips to help when you are logging back into your TruQC. Updating your iOS and TruQC app on the iPad: Before using TruQC, make sure you’re on the most current iOS and TruQC version. Follow these links for a step-by-step guide to… Read more

Product Updates

11 TruQC Features You Didn’t Know About (But Should)

Use Issue Tracking to follow issues from identification to resolution TruQC’s issue tracking features let your company identify issues and easily track them until fully resolved using the Issue Annotation tool (or Issue modal) and Issues tab. Users document defects in the field using the annotation tool where they are then filed in the Issues… Read more

Company News

Quality: It’s in our name!

Quality runs through every part of TruQC’s internal procedures, be it our front-line Customer Support team, our Configuration Specialists, or our “back of the house” Development Team. This article is going to focus on some of the specifics that our Development Team uses to ensure that every software release is of the utmost quality. THE… Read more

Company News

Celebrate TruQC’s 8th Birthday in Houston on October 10th!

TruQC is turning 8! To celebrate, we are throwing ourselves a birthday party in Houston, TX. If you are near the Houston area on Wednesday, October 10th, we hope you can join us! We are hosting our happy hour at the Republic Country Club and BBQ from 3-7 pm. This Texas-style venue is the perfect… Read more

Case Studies

Becoming the 15th SSPC QP 5 certified inspection company in the world with TruQC

The SSPC QP 5 certification is a must-have for top coatings inspection companies. It carries a lot of weight — many projects exclusively call for QP 5 certified firms — but it’s not easy to earn. In fact, there were only 14 QP 5 certified companies in the world as B&N Inspection and Supply (BNIS) was… Read more

Tips and Tricks

What it’s like to work with TruQC from discovery to launch

TruQC is far from a download-and-done application. It’s the complete digitalization solution needed by enterprise organizations to spark their digital transformation. We don’t merely convert analog reports and job-site documents to a digital format (e.g., paper to PDF). Rather, we help organizations transform their workflows to leverage digital technology. We empower them to collect information… Read more

Job Openings

TruQC is hiring for a Junior Developer for our Configuration Team

TruQC is an iPad and web application looking for a technically-minded Developer with proficiency in MySQL queries and the JSON file format to join our Configuration Team. You can choose to work in the corporate offices in Kirkwood, MO or may work remotely, but US is preferred. You’ll work alongside other Configuration Team members and… Read more

Company News

7 key takeaways from our client satisfaction survey

At TruQC, we make customer support, training and satisfaction a priority. Beyond providing a workflow digitalization software, we make ourselves available for any and all client questions, suggestions and requests. As a global company, this means making our support agents available well beyond the hours of 9 to 5, offering live chat, email and phone… Read more

Product Updates

TruQC 6.0 is here!

TruQC 6.0 is now available for download in the App Store!   This build features augmented reality views and greater configurability for issues. In addition, you can now add issues on the TruQC Web App. TruQC 6.0 is only compatible with iOS 12 or higher. If your iPad is not on iOS 12, you will… Read more

Company News

Managed software as a service (MSaaS) vs. SaaS: Why the distinction matters  

Chances are, you use software as a service (SaaS) applications every day. Dropbox is a SaaS application offering online cloud storage services. Adobe Creative Cloud is a SaaS provider offering illustration, design and photo editing tools. Slack is a SaaS application for business collaboration and communication. SaaS applications are off-the-shelf software solutions intended to be… Read more

Company News

Digitization vs. digitalization: Differences, definitions and examples

Digitization: Converting data to a digital format Digitization describes the pure analog-to-digital conversion of existing data and documents. Think scanning a photograph or converting a paper report to a PDF. The data itself is not changed — it’s simply encoded in a digital format. Digitization can reap efficiency benefits when the digitized data is used… Read more

Product Updates

TruQC 5.13 is now available in the App Store! 

This version includes the ability to assign reports and other improvements. To Update: Tap the blue App Store icon on your iPad home screen. Search for “TruQC” in the search bar, then tap “Update.” TruQC 5.13 will then begin installing. Once complete, you will be prompted to login once again. TruQC 5.13 is only compatible with iOS 11… Read more