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Javascript Developer

TruQC is an iPad and web application looking for a mid- or senior-level JavaScript programmer with enthusiasm for evolving frameworks. Prior node.js experience most beneficial. Exposure to React, Redux, and Bookshelf also beneficial. Prior MySQL and AWS experience makes you even more valuable. Working on a Mac is required (to run Xcode) and we’re looking… Read more

Company News

Introducing TruQC referral rewards

Do you know anyone who could benefit from using TruQC? Referrals are the best way for us to meet potential new customers and get the conversation started. Customers who’ve benefited from our software telling other companies they think could also benefit is one of the primary ways we earn new business. We think that says… Read more

Product Updates

TruQC 4.5 is now available in the App Store!

TruQC 4.5 is now ready for download in the App Store! We’ve added new capabilities and features to make TruQC even better for you! Confirmed for iOS 10. DeFelsko PosiTector: Improvements to connection stability, as well as batch imports of large sets. Swapped the order of Notes and their Associated Documents in the final PDF output…. Read more

Tips and Tricks

I just signed up with TruQC. Now what?

Signing up for TruQC can be an exciting, also slightly overwhelming process. Making the switch from paper reporting to a QC software system is something that doesn’t happen overnight. After the initial TruQC training, the wheels in many of our users’ heads begin spinning. After all, TruQC does SO much. How does one utilize everything?… Read more

Company News

TruQC Privacy

TruQC knows you care how your information is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. Privacy Policy: This TruQC Privacy Policy applies to customers’ Account Information and does not apply to the content that customers store on our system, including any personal information of their end… Read more

Company News

TAM to be deployed on Brisbane’s Story Bridge

TruQC Australia, provider of leading cloud-based reporting systems to the corrosion industry, is pleased to announce it has signed a milestone contract to supply TAM (Total Asset Management) for the condition assessment and budgeting phase of the refurbishment of the Story Bridge in Brisbane. The contract provides a cost analysis and program schedule over a… Read more

Product Updates

Version 4.4 update enhances data security, privacy

TruQC is cloud-based. Our users enjoy instantaneous access to their document library on the cloud anytime, anywhere, on the iPad. An offsite administrator can view documents the moment onsite personnel upload them. On a secure network, this is a benefit. On an insecure network, it’s a liability. At TruQC, securing our users’ data and ensuring… Read more

Company News

Quality control and cloud-hosted data security

Of all of the concerns we get from prospective customers who’ve approached us about our software, there are perhaps none more valid or easier to sympathize with than those about data security. High-profile hacks make the news seemingly on a weekly basis and newer and emerging technologies are often rightfully met with a healthy degree… Read more

Product Updates

Introducing TruQC 4.4

TruQC 4.4 is now available for download in the App Store! TruQC 4.4 is only compatible with iOS 9 or higher. This version contains new security tweaks and features that will make TruQC even better for you! TruQC 4.4 features include: Password changes: Passwords will now expire every 90 days (four times a year). The… Read more

Product Updates

Introducing TruQC 4.3

TruQC 4.3 is now available for download in the App Store! It contains a few software updates meant to make operating the app easier for our users. Like version 4.2, version 4.3 of our app will be compatible only with iOS 9 or higher and is now available in the App Store. TruQC 4.3 Features… Read more

Company News

Introducing the TruQC tool for SSPC compliance

Are you SSPC compliant and looking to stay that way? Maybe you’re considering improving the standing of your business by earning certifications from the most trusted third-party oversight agency in industrial painting. Well, we’re trying to make doing so just a little bit easier. TruQC’s new SSPC software program was designed and engineered with SSPC… Read more

Product Updates

TruQC 4.2 is now ready for download in the App Store

We’ve added new capabilities and features to make sure TruQC is working even harder for our users. TruQC 4.2, which is compatible only with iOS 9 or higher, is now available in the App Store. This new version contains some exciting new features requested by users, as well as some minor housekeeping items. Here are… Read more