Reason #67 the Apple iPad is the best tablet for job-site documentation and construction

Okay, maybe not really reason #67, as we’re not really keeping track. But we can tell you that there are many reasons that the iPad is better for job-site-related work than other tablet platforms and not getting malware just happens to be one of them.

While Android is seeing a strong market resurgence, their success has created a serious problem: malicious software created to infect mobile devices. One of the Apple advantages has always been that they’re nearly immune to nasty viruses and corrupt software. Just ask any Mac user you know if they’ve ever had a virus on their machine. They’ll be quick to vouch for the company’s resilient platform.

We chose to build the TruQC app suite on the iPad because it’s tried and true. While Google will likely curtail the malware in the future, the current Android market is littered with harmful applications. And that’s something our customers can’t afford to deal with.¬†Our customers don’t have time for downtime on the job-site. TruQC simplifies and condenses piles of paperwork, and thus user-friendliness is a cornerstone of our application. We wouldn’t feel comfortable, nor could we afford, to deliver an unsafe or unreliable product to our customers. The iPad, and the new iPad Mini, are perfect platforms for our app to excel and deliver secure, tangible results.

Read more about the Android malware surge.

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