Digitalize Your Health and Safety Management

When you oversee a large-scale industrial operation, maintaining an efficient and effective health safety and environmental workflow is essential to remaining compliant and productive.

With TruQC, you can digitalize your existing workflow, making safety inspections, data collection, and corrective actions significantly more efficient. Your office will gain immediate insights into your workforce’s activity, allowing you to make data-informed decisions in real time.

Our solution is proven to make safety easier with real-time reporting, paperless activity tracking, and simplified safety compliance.

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Easily access safety reports and documentation

You’ll no longer worry about having the most up-to-date records on your employees, assets, and property. TruQC’s File Cabinet feature lets you quickly access any report when preparing for audits and our document library lets you store and update all project applicable safety data sheets (SDS) in real time. Our simple user interface houses all your documentation in a centralized location, so you no longer have to sift through stacks of paper, search old emails, or remember complicated filenames.

Simplify your compliance

All TruQC safety reports follow OSHA, NIOSH, and MSHA guidelines and certifications. These standards are automatically applied to your platform and alerts can be customized and sent to supervisors when an issue arises. In the end, you’ll spend less time worrying about maintaining compliance and more time focusing on the efficacy of your audit.

Analyze incident reporting data

Use TruQC’s incident reporting to record injuries, illnesses, or near misses. Embedded summaries let you access this data at any point in your process, letting you quickly assess and resolve claims. Further, use your data for analysis to devise training solutions that will prevent serious injury or issues in the future.

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Using TruQC to Make Safety Inspections Easy

There are four key ways TruQC’s mobile inspection software will directly impact your safety operations:

  1. Keep all of your safety documentation in one, digital database with the Document Library. The most current version is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  2. Utilize our Toolbox Talk, Take 5, Incident, and JSA reports.
  3. Use the File Cabinet to quickly filter and access any of your reports for safety audits.
  4. Run summaries to help settle workers’ comp claims.
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Features That Modernize Your Safety Inspection Process

Our software solution helps you track metrics and field activity throughout your safety inspections.

Fast reporting processes, proper document management, and immediate problem-solving are key to maximizing profitability and maintaining safe operations. All while working to maintain compliance and follow industry standards.
When your team adopts TruQC, all your existing procedures will be optimized by these modern features:

Employee signature tracking

Inspectors, field workers, and safety managers can electronically provide their signatures while still in the field. Each inspection form that is signed also includes time, date, and GPS stamps, all automatically filed in your database and used in your reporting automation. Optional photos and associated documents can be added to further substantiate safety training activities. Today, this level of documentation is essential for risk management and compliance, and it is something our platform accomplishes for clients every day.

Inspection checklists functionality

Our experts help build your safety survey checklists to ensure your crew is auditing their safety continuously. These reports are designed to comply with or exceed OSHA and NIOSH standards by default. You’ll gain access to an easy-to-use interface that minimizes form completion times via intelligently configured user features. We’ll help you further customize your templates with required sections, conditional logic (if/then statements), unlimited photo storage, and more.

Summaries for workers comp claims

TruQC can also help our clients quickly navigate and negotiate workers comp claims. When a workers’ comp claim is filed, use summaries to get the info you need to help settle it quickly and painlessly. Immediately see the safety topic, each employee’s name, and whether or not they signed off on the report. A process that could take days going through files and reports now takes a matter of minutes.


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Additional Features Built for Safety Reporting

Our software platform pairs perfectly with your mobile devices and office hardware. No matter where you conduct your business, you’ll have untethered access to essential inspection data.

Document Management

Freely access safety management documentation

No matter the state of your operations, you’ll have immediate access to 100% of your safety management documents. You use your iPad or any web-connected device to view essential inspection data, safety checklists, and more.

Real-Time Reporting

Complete inspections faster

Waste no time between your field workers entering inspection data and your office analyzing it. Our inspection management software helps you stay on top of every facet of your safety program with real-time updates on your daily operations.

Issue Tracking

Flag, fix, and prevent problems

Identifying and fixing problems in real time is important for sticking to your maintenance budget. Our inspection app lets you use the data you collect to analyze trends, prevent future issues, update strategies and mitigate risk.

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Your business requires more than a plug-and-play software. You need a solution tailored to your workflows, strategies and safety requirements. From discovery to implementation, TruQC will work with you to configure our software to overcome your biggest safety reporting and process issues. We work hard to protect your property and your employees while mitigating risk and making compliance a natural outcome of your process. We’ll focus on your company’s challenges, and identify opportunities to streamline bulky reporting processes, achieve compliance and cut costs via the power of effective digitalization.

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