Shipbuilding industry research organization taking a long look at marine coatings

We obviously take a keen interest in industrial coatings here at TruQC. After all, it’s how we made our start. So we keep an eye on trends within the industry and we like to tip our caps to the innovators.

Shipbuilding industry marine coatings

One area where coatings innovations are contributing hugely to improved safety and cost-reduction is in the shipbuilding industry. The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) is an especially exciting organization that focuses on “reducing the cost of acquiring, operating and maintaining Navy ships.” They work toward this goal by exploring ways to improve maintenance practices, facilitating collaboration, and encouraging the development of breakthrough technologies.

We don’t just applaud the NSRP for adopting TruQC’s Robust Functional Paint project, something we’ve written about before. Though we do believe (and have demonstrated) that paperless documentation of marine coatings inspections can save the shipbuilding industry huge amounts of cash, what’s really impressive about the NSRP is their comprehensive approach to innovation in the arena of marine coatings.

Surface Preparation and Coatings Panel

In accordance with the NSRP’s goal of reducing the costs associated with maintaining U.S. Navy fleets, the organization sustains a panel that focuses specifically on technologies and practices that advance marine coatings. This Surface Preparation and Coatings (SPC) Panel sponsors as many as three ambitious projects each year that contribute significantly to cutting costs.

In addition to TruQC’s project, the panel also chose projects which it felt contributed significantly to the goal of reducing costs and increasing the life-cycle of Navy vessels. One of the projects selected aims to improve the compatibility of single-coat systems with pre-construction primers. Another project funded comparative studies of European and Asian shipyards to explore areas for improvement by their American counterparts.

Why care about innovation in marine coatings?

We’ve long known that coatings and coatings technologies can affect the country in large and unexpected ways. Discoveries about the toxicity of lead-based paint come to mind. The impact protective coatings can have on preserving the nation’s roads and waterways against corrosion is another example of the role they play.

Funding provided by the NSRP sustains these innovative marine coatings projects. By financing these applied R&D efforts, they help to extend the lives of U.S. Navy vessels and stretch taxpayer dollars. They help our Navy remain the most technology advanced in the world. That’s why we salute the NSRP, their work on behalf of the U.S. Navy, and their commitment to innovation in marine coatings.

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