Successful Plant Turnaround With Our Process Focused Approach

Today, an effective turnaround requires detailed planning paired with an efficient digital process. Your refinery is ready for a digitalization solution to support your next turnaround, and you won’t have to overhaul your current process. Instead, streamline your workflow and get the most out of your existing technology using modern digital strategies that save you time and money.

With TruQC’s digital solution, you can oversee your outage in real-time. Our project management experts prepare an extensive plan that enables your team to add a digital element to your existing workflow, allowing for easy implementation, minimal disruption, and meaningful results. And TruQC’s non-disruptive integration with your existing legacy databases and asset management solutions means you can still utilize the digital technology you already have in place – just with better data to make more informed business decisions.

When you optimize your refinery shutdown through our digitalization solution, you make your entire process more efficient – a powerful effect that resonates from your field coordinators and third-party contractors to your supervisors and engineers.

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For your field coordinators

Onsite field employees at oil & gas facilities can report necessary information in real-time on a mobile device, saving hours in documentation time. Feel confident in your plant shutdown while working offline in remote areas as TruQC remains full function and  saves all your data when a connection is not available – syncing to the cloud when your signal is regained.

For your supervisors and engineers

With our software, you can oversee projects, approve reports, and access real-time shutdown activity dashboards. This makes managing your countless third-party partners and internal resources a breeze while giving you full transparency into your turnaround activity, all without leaving the office. Later on, you can use your company’s bundled inspection data to establish trends that guide future business decisions.

For your overall performance

Our software helps turnaround managers cross the finish line on time and under budget, all while generating essential data points that will impact your bottom line for years to come. Spend less time on bulky reporting and documentation processes — and dedicate those labor hours to getting work done and decreasing risk. TruQC has shortened the overall time spent on inspection prep, inspection execution, report creation, and risk score assignment by an average of 33%, and we can help you achieve similar results.

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Achieve ROI by Streamlining Reporting Processes and Reducing Asset Risk

TruQC has saved chemical processing refineries 15% or more of their turnaround budget through reduced downtime. Eliminating waste from critical path inspection and repair activity, including that which involves third-party contractors, minimizes downtime and gets the refinery back up and running more quickly.

Fast compliance inspection reporting processes, proper document management, and immediate problem-solving are key to maximizing profitability and maintaining safe operations. All while working to comply with regulations and follow industry standards.

TruQC’s reporting, issue tracking and document management features allow petrochemical companies immediate access to all of their data on an unlimited, highly secure cloud. Easily update strategy and mitigate potentially costly risk. Completely configurable to further streamline your organization’s proven workflows and address reporting needs, TruQC opens up opportunities to save time, enhance quality and achieve rapid digitalization ROI.

CITGO Experiences “Huge Success” Digitalizing
HF Alkylation Flange Turnaround

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Features Built for the Petrochemical Industry

Streamline workflows and reach KPI goals with immediate access to quality, safety, and operational insights.

Document Management

Access project specific documentation anytime, anywhere

Whether working on a remote off-shore platform or over miles of pipeline, your unique documentation is always accessible. Scopes and standards are available for review and isometrics are already attached to reports and ready to be annotated.

Real-Time Reporting

Complete inspections faster

TruQC delivers inspection optimization, allowing inspectors to replace time spent on cumbersome report formatting with more inspections. Fill out mission-critical data as it happens in the field — and access it anywhere. Your team will quickly generate reports that address site-specific issues for NDT contractors, engineers, and maintenance departments.

Issue Tracking

Flag, fix and prevent problems

Identifying and fixing problems in real-time is important for sticking to your maintenance budget. Communication gaps result in revisiting and reassessing the same assets multiple times and wasting countless hours. Efficient collection of clean, standardized data lets you analyze trends, prevent future issues, update strategies and mitigate risk.

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Industrial plants require more than plug-and-play software. You need a solution tailored to your workflows, strategies, and safety requirements. From discovery to implementation, TruQC will work with you to configure our software to overcome your biggest reporting and process issues. Since the planning phase is the most important phase of the turnaround, you should arrange a free consultation with a TruQC project manager right away. We’ll focus on your company’s challenges, and identify opportunities to streamline bulky reporting processes, achieve compliance and cut costs via the power of effective digitalization.

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