Simple tool, huge help –

TruQC is filling the gap for job-site documentation for industrial painting and industrial coating companies. By utilizing the iPad, now, our customers are able to work with greater efficiency and safety, improving the job site as a whole. Similarly, James McDonald is fulfilling a need to execute big calculations fast and efficiently with his new online tool –

In industrial painting, there are numerous, complex equations that must be answered to pin down the details for a particular job and McDonald’s online calculator was built specifically to solve these equations. After all, McDonald owned a pair of abrasive-blasting and painting companies and fully understood the need for quick and accurate calculations.

We think his tool is right on mark.

This app makes it easy to hammer out calculations for tanks, vessels, pumps, valves, pipe, structural steel and dew point, and McDonald claims that the calculations are “pretty darn precise.”  The ability to now easily calculate elements of preliminary budgets will streamline the process for engineers and asset owners alike. Life has been made easier. Isn’t that the role of great technology?

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