SSPC Standards: What contractors get wrong in SSPC audits

At a recent IDOT conference, one talk focused on the top ten items that tend to trip up contractors during SSPC QP 1 and SSPC QP 2 audits. It was also announced that the SSPC is planning on stepping up its efforts to conduct more unannounced audits.

Seeing as these are things that may be very near and dear to the hearts of our blog’s frequent readers, we thought we’d lay them out in a post. And of course we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you how TruQC can eliminate just about all of them.

Here they are:

1. Visual acuity, color perception and fit-to-work physicals not on hand
2. No work plans or process controls on hand
3. No recording of non-conformance reports or deficiency logs
4. Daily inspection reports missing illumination readings, storage conditions/temperatures, gauge SN and type, application and start/stop times and mix temperatures
5. Quality Control Supervisor has not achieved Level 2 Inspector status, Quality Control Inspector does not have Level 1 Inspector training
6. Craft worker’s proficiency evaluations not at job site or current for the year
7. Hazardous waste not labeled correctly
8. No documentation for ventilation checks, downdraft and cross-draft readings, emission observations and corrections
9. Contamination work zones are not controlled
10. Improper use/storage of respiratory protection equipment

TruQC to the rescue

TruQC’s Document Library feature goes a long way in solving many audit issues that arise from not having the proper paperwork on hand. Work plans, employee certifications, proficiency evaluations and the like are easier to organize and store with our app, plain and simple. But TruQC’s capabilities go far beyond its digital file cabinet.

Our Daily Inspection Report has fields for the most commonly missed information in report submissions, which the project QCM and QCI can sign off on from anywhere. Process controls are already in place with permission-based forms. Non-conformance reports are filed separately and you’ll always retain a record of them. And proficiency evaluation forms are also now available in TruQC.

In short, TruQC has features designed to make it easier to comply with SSPC QP 1 and QP 2 audits. You’ve worked hard for your certifications. They show your customers that you’re serious about the work you do and the way in which you do it. Hang on to your certs with TruQC.


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