Tablets are changing the construction job-site

At TruQC, we’ve pledged ourselves to keeping an eye on all things tech. Additionally, we’re pledged to staying abreast on all things construction. This article from Techcrunch – How Tablets Will Transform Construction – came across our newsfeed, and, well, we couldn’t pass up sharing it.

In Ryan Sutton Gee’s piece (he’s the co-founder and CEO of Y Combinator-backed PlanGrid – another great job-site app), he talks about the complexities that plague the average job-site. Everything in the front office has been made simpler and made digital, but on the construction site, where the work is actually happening, tasks and projects have only gotten more complicated. Efficiency, according to Gee, on the job-site, has actually gotten worse.

In today’s world, that simply can’t happen. We can only hope, with thinking like ours and the folks at PlanGrid, we can change this forever.

Here’s to a job-site that’s safer, more accountable, and absolutely more efficient.

Thanks for reading.

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