TAM and TAM+ have now been released! So, what’s the difference?

When TruQC first got its start in 2011, our goal was to change the way job-site documentation and quality control were conducted by using efficient and objective technology to hold on-the-job record keeping to a higher standard. We’ve made a splash, no doubt, winning over some of the largest and most well-respected companies in heavy industry, while maintaining a customer retention rate that would make most companies green with envy.

But we’ve also learned a lot, too. In the process of developing and perfecting our software (an ongoing process that we’ll never consider finished), we’ve learned about some other issues plaguing industrial businesses that, perhaps because of skills and experience, we may be in a unique position to address.

Foremost among these issues was asset tracking. Much like the problems in our native industry of industrial painting, objectivity, transparency and uniformity seemed to be seriously lacking. TAM and TAM+, the newest offering from TruQC and our friends at Carboline, were designed to address these issues. And since they’re slightly different offerings, we thought we’d take up a little space on our blog to try to illustrate the difference.

Breaking down the differences

TAM Comparison Chart

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