The iPad is here to stay; plan your job site accordingly

This week, on Tuesday, Marketplace ran a story reporting that Apple stock is predicted to hit $1,000 a share by this time next year. Three years ago, it was steady at about $100 a share; in early 2012, it was at $500 a share; this week, the tech giant is sitting at $629 a share. We think it’s very safe to say, the tech giant is here to stay.

So, what’s this have to do with the construction industry and your company’s job sites?

Simple. Everything.

In order to be a true steward of your clients’ money (not to mention your firm’s bottom line) as well as create a better, safer job site, we, as building industry professionals, must commit to technology. Or, should we say, continue to commit to technology.

iPad on the construction job-site with TruQC

Stop and think about what the nail gun has brought to the job site. The old fashioned hammer still has a place, but that nail gun reigns supreme more times than not. Or the high-tech paint and coating applicators – can you imagine brushing by hand? Well, the same goes when you’re considering today’s computer technology – the “tool” is simply too great. Paperwork should no longer be done by hand or filled out with bias. Technology can solve so many job-related documentation issues. We just have to let it.

Since they reinvented the Mac, and since they redefined portable music, Apple Computer has annually proven their weight as a powerhouse in the space. In the referenced article from Marketplace, Oliver Pursche, an Apple shareholder, points out perhaps the reason this California company has become a true juggernaut is that they haven’t simply created a device; but instead, they’ve built an entire ecosystem. In 2011, he notes, they sold more iPads  than babies were born in the United States.

Apple Computer has changed the world. It’s very fair to say that it will change the construction job site.

Thanks for reading. We hope you have a terrific weekend.

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