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As the protective coatings industry enters the digital age, you need a partner that speeds up your production and saves you money along the way.

As a trusted technology leader in the industrial coatings industry over the past decade, TruQC’s digital solution lets you conveniently report, track and analyze your coating inspections and projects in real time. Our project team draws on extensive coatings industry experience, resulting in a solution that enables your team to quickly add our digital features to your existing workflow, allowing for easy adoption, minimal disruption and meaningful results.

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Digitalization Strategies for the Coatings Industry


Our Founder and CEO, Ross Boyd, joins the CoatingsPro podcast to discuss the growing role of digitalization in the coatings industry. Topics include: Why it matters and how to start, tips to ensure a successful initiative, and common questions and feedback from industry users.

Real-time syncing

Your team will immediately be able to fill out mission-critical data as it happens in the field — and access it anywhere. Field to home office communication is vastly improved with expedited report approval and real-time updates on daily operations.

And with all data up to date in real time, admin users at the home office can track issues in the field for improved operational oversight. And Dashboard features keep you informed on the state of every report and issue at all times.

Streamlined device data entry 

Through device integrations such as Elcometer and PosiTecter, your workforce can directly upload readings in the field and incorporate them into your digital TruQC report.

And with AMPP (formerly SSPC and NACE) endorsed compliance built into our platform, you’ll never have to worry about lack of data integrity or the risks that accompany it. All the information you gather in the field is properly packaged into insightful reporting you can use to make better business decisions and protect your project profit.

Improved documentation and reporting

You’ll no longer worry about having the most up-to-date records for your employees, assets, and property.

TruQC’s File Cabinet and Document Library features organize reports and documentation for easy access to any report or PDF through our simple user interface.

Previously time-consuming tasks, such as preparing for audits or finding a specific standard in the field, become easy with just a few taps.

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Quickly Earn and Keep Essential Certifications

We understand keeping your business up-to-speed with the SSPC and NACE (newly merged as AMPP) standards is essential for your operations. In fact, TruQC is the only SSPC and NACE endorsed solution for contractor certifications. Our software is also used by the newly-formed AMPPs organization to conduct their audits against both contractor certifications.

We’ve designed our platform to make adhering to QP/QN/QS and NIICAP standards a breeze. By switching your process to our platform, you’ll immediately check all the right boxes for the industry’s major certifications. Once you are set up, we’ll help your team fly through the application process so you can get to work.

To earn and keep your QP, QS, and QN certifications, you must abide by the following:

Daily documentation of work

Value-driven coating professionals keep detailed records of their onsite activities. When you partner with TruQC, you’ll utilize our Daily Inspection Report containing all necessary information for your team to remain compliant and productive.

Tracking craft workers capabilities

As part of our platform, you’ll have access to any craft worker reports you need. We provide Craft Worker Assessment Reports, C-7 Dry Abrasive Blaster Evaluations, C-7 Centrifugal Blaster Evaluations, Spray Applicator Hands-On Field, and HP & UHP Waterjet Operation Evaluation, with the capability to add custom reports by request.

Maintain all required documentation on job sites

Beyond tracking productivity, you’ll also need to maintain all necessary certification documents while onsite. Our cloud-connected Document Library makes it easy to quickly access any documents you need, including PDS, SDS, blueprints, employee certifications, standards, and more. Our solution is full-function on or offline, so you’ll always have the information available when and where you need it.

Documented workflow of paperwork from field user to supervisor to QSM/QCM

TruQC’s platform automatically tracks document movements from the field to the quality control managers, complete with time, date and GPS stamped signature boxes on every report. Paperwork moves quickly through the chain of command and our permission-based controls mean users only have access to and can perform the duties assigned to their role.


B&N Inspection and Supply (BNIS) used TruQC to become the 15th SSPC QP 5 certified inspection company in the world.


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Immediate Benefits for Your Coating System

As coating inspectors and contractors, you’d like to focus on creating the specific surface profile that maximizes corrosion prevention, and less time worrying about backend busywork. Our platform alleviates that burden by digitalizing operations and automating time-consuming administrative tasks so your time is better spent.

Streamlined data entry

Upon adopting the TruQC platform, your team’s cohesion will increase substantially. TruQC’s digital reports utilize multi-selects, dropdowns, toggles, and more to make it quicker and easier than ever to fill out reports. Field workers utilize device integrations and barcode scanning technology to eliminate on-the-fly calculations and clumsy data entry. Finally, all data your workforce generates is cleanly structured in automatically generated PDF reports accessible through TruQC’s File Cabinet or available to be emailed or printed, eliminating the need for data re-entry and report formatting back at the office.

Simplified document storage

TruQC’s centralized document management system allows the field access to jobsite-specific documentation, eliminating bulky binders and creating a paperless jobsite. Daily, safety, and QC reports are organized in our digital file cabinet and are readily available in real-time on a mobile device. And you can maintain privacy at all levels through permissions, thereby restricting which employees can see certain documents.

Increased efficiency

Particularly in the protective coatings industry, there are fewer resources and skilled workers than ever before. This makes efficiency the most important ingredient to your company’s success. Efficiency is key to staying competitive because it allows you to do more with less. You’ll utilize your skilled workers for tasks that require their expertise, rather than wasting them on lengthy audit preparation tasks, data re-entry, or report formatting. Additionally, our cloud-based data storage and real-time syncing completely remove inefficient information sharing activities like faxing and mailing reports.

Improved employee oversight

Large-scale coating contractors have lots of people to manage, so keeping a reasonable degree of oversight remains a significant priority. TruQC lets you see where all reports are in real-time, making it easier to know that everything – and everyone – is staying on track. To stay compliant we know that a Daily Inspection Report (DIR) must be filled out on the job site every day and that this report must be completed, reviewed and available at the home office and the job site immediately following approval. With TruQC, you’ll know in real-time how far along each employee is with their DIR, making managing field workers simple.

Reduce audit preparation

Preparing for audits can be a headache as it can take weeks to gather the necessary paperwork. With TruQC, all reports and documentation are organized in one, integrated mobile platform, giving you quick and easy access for audits. We’ve seen our clients’ audit preparation reduced to as little as a few hours. And TruQC is utilized by AMPPs for the execution of both NACE and SSPC compliance audits, which allows for a quicker audit when you use TruQC.

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Optimizing your coating inspection requires more than plug-and-play software. You need a solution tailored to your workflows, compliance requirements, and safety standards. Whether you are a small or large contractor, TruQC can work for you. Schedule a free consultation to learn how TruQC can help you increase your productivity, gain real-time oversight into your daily operations, and quickly earn and keep your certifications. We’ll understand your company’s challenges, identifying opportunities to streamline data collection, cut costs, and make compliance a part of your process rather than an added obstacle.

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