Industrial painting apps: the need for integrated industrial painting software

Industrial painting job site

Our quality assurance app and industrial painting apps for the iPad were developed based on a real need I (along with many others in the industrial painting industry) was noticing. It was the need to quickly and accurately document activities taking place on an industrial coating job-site.

Keep in mind, to date, the industrial painting software standard had always been paper and pencils. Which, when you consider the technology (literally) at hand, and the complexity of documentation needed (more on this later), would simply no longer do.

Industrial painting paperwork

Contractors are now taking on more and more work in more and more markets. The paper trail gets long, detailed, redundant and very complicated. We knew there had to be a better way.

Additionally, very strict SSPC certifications such as QP1, QP2, QP3 and QS1 have raised the bar in terms of documentation and painter training requirements. Managing this required documentation in addition to the internal documentation such as HR and accounting forms and the safety documentation required by owners, GCs and OSHA, well, it all has contractors large and small scratching their heads and searching for a solution.

The process of bringing technology to a job-site

A company’s first experience with technology in the field often starts with the implementation of laptops with air cards or a company-wide push for smartphones. These tools are extremely valuable in terms of initially bridging a communication gap and giving everyone access to company relevant information at a moment’s notice.

But, there’s still significant room, and need, for improvement.

From my observations, companies that “buy in” to digital technology tend to quickly fall in love and look to further improve internal processes with additional hardware and software. During and after, what I’m calling the second step in bringing technology to the job-site, is where contractors fall out of love with said technology.

In my travels, I have met with some of the largest and some of the smallest contractors in our country and, no matter their location, the implementation and training of additional software and hardware on a company wide scale is the most difficult.

This is where TruQC wins. And wins big, at that.

It’s all about integration

To successfully implement a “wired” job-site, an industrial painting company will likely want to use multiple apps, documents, versioning software, cloud services, IT companies, networking services, etc. to make their devices work for them. For the lack of a better description, it’s a massive cluster of  software, usernames, passwords and permissions, not to mention training for each and every software deployed and software updates for everyone in the office and in the field.

As a business owner myself, I understand the pain and caution this creates for other business owners that are already concerned about efficiency and QC on a job-site. The idea is to make it better, not more confusing and cumbersome.

In engineering and designing our job-site documentation app, we created a fully integrated solution that would deliver.

The integrated industrial painting app the industry is looking for

In my discussions with contractors, I have realized that the industry is looking for a truly integrated solution for quality control and quality assurance documentation.

It’s not enough to have five industrial painting apps that manage five different aspects of your business. Contractor’s are looking for a system that has one username and password, is accessible by the field and the home office, and solves all the issues they confront: HR, accounting, administrative controls, filing and storing, quality control and most importantly, safety reports and documentation.

Contractors are demanding software that seamlessly integrates with current accounting software and easily works with current company hardware. Software you need to learn once and then when you hit “enter” it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The job-site documentation software has to be easy to use so the foreman in the field can get the information into the form quickly and efficiently and get back to watching the work he needs to be documenting.

Call me biased

But I’m not.

Instead, I’m confident. Confident that TruQC is the best, fully integrated job-site documentation app on the market today. And it’s going to stay that way for as long as I’m in charge.

This post was written by Ross Boyd. He’s our CEO. If you’d like to connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.

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