Introducing Total Asset Management from

Nothing is more important to your project’s success than seamless collaboration and communication. You must have a grasp on every person, every project and every single asset you own. Each needs to be documented and stored for reference and review. Enter TAM (Total Asset Management), software exclusively from TruQC in partnership with Carboline.

Introducing TAM

TAM makes tracking projects, people and assets simpler. TAM helps you create a centralized database, telling the full life story of each and every one of your assets, solving the documentation and management issues that owners face with one simple, integrated solution.

Owners add assets to an asset list once. From there, every maintenance action can be logged and associated with that asset. The asset can also be associated with employees, jobs, facilities and key documents like warranties, user manuals, and vendor contact information.

TAM helps owners make quantitative maintenance decisions based on objective asset scores provided by a Carboline coatings specialist. From these scores, TAM compiles Coatings Survey and Cost Analysis Reports, which help owners prioritize maintenance tasks based on their maintenance budget.


barcodeBarcode Scanning Technology

With TruQC’s barcode scanning technology, users can automatically retrieve key coating batch information simply by scanning a single Carboline product. Information imported includes product type, manufacturer, and batch number.

Coatings Details and Descriptions

coating-detailsCreated by a Carboline representative, coating details and descriptions describe existing coating systems, thickness and environmental conditions and provide assets with a numerical score for quantifying the condition of an asset. These details generate a Coating Survey Report that prioritizes each asset’s need for maintenance.

filefolderEnhanced Document Library

Easily access up-to-date, automated imports of all Carboline product and safety data sheets. Never again find yourself without the supporting documentation you need.

Why Total Asset Management?

Total Asset Management delivers a superior user interface compared to other software currently on the market.


  • Allows for direct data input
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Increases documentation efficiency by allowing photos and comments to be paired with each asset
  • Provides access to key information when you need it with advanced search, filtering and summary tools


  • Asset Admin
  • Time and Material Report
  • Asset Receiving Report
  • Inspection Test Plan
  • Non-Conformance / DFS/ OOS Report
  • Daily Inspection Report
  • Maintenance Summary
  • Incident Report
  • Custom Asset Checklist
  • Load List Report
  • Work Order Report


  • Coatings Survey Report
  • Asset Integrity Assessment
  • Paint Schedule Report
  • Coating Recommendation Report
  • Cost Analysis Report
  • Failure Analysis Report


TruQC partnered with Carboline to create TAM.