TruQC headed to Scotland to present at signature coatings’ industry conference

The Pipeline Protection, Hot Topics and Marine Corrosion Conference

St. Louis-based TruQC, a cloud-based job-site documentation platform for the iPad, is slated to speak at a coatings’ industry conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Pipeline Protection, Hot Topics and Marine Corrosion Conference is an international gathering of industry leaders, happening this October 15-18. Ross Boyd, Benjamin Chute and Megan Brinker, all from TruQC, are traveling to present how technology is changing the pipeline and marine corrosion industries to a crowd of industry influencers and decision-makers.

“Technology is impacting our industries and it’s astounding,” said Ross Boyd, Chief Executive Officer at TruQC. “We’re headed to Edinburgh to both share our experience and learn from others. This is an opportunity for exposure at the leading edge of the industry.”

In addition to giving a presentation on how the iPad is changing the industry, TruQC will interact with fellow industry professionals from around the world.

“It’s great to see that the industrial fields are taking hold of all that technology has to offer,” said Benjamin Chute, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. “Tools like the iPad are making this business faster, more efficient and much more reliable.”

TruQC is a cloud-based job-site documentation platform for the iPad. The TruQC app suite allows much of the paperwork associated with complex industrial painting projects to migrate to the iPad. The entire documentation process is streamlined, improving user experience while minimizing points of failure and inefficiency.

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