TruQC hires Megan Brinker as Director of Client Services

Megan Brinker of TruQCTruQC, a cloud-based job-site documentation platform built for the iPad, announced Tuesday that Ms. Megan Brinker is the newest member of the TruQC team. Megan will serve as the company’s Director of Client Services focusing on building and enhancing client relations for all of its customers.

“Megan is an asset for all of us at TruQC,” said Ross Boyd, Vice President of Operations. “She’s able to utilize her experience to help us grow and improve as a company. We’re very happy to have her on the team.”

Megan has a diverse group of skills that stem from her experience in sales, account management and business development. She will be a very integral part in the growth and development of TruQC.

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