TruQC iPad job-site documentation app Dropbox friendly

TruQC, a job-site documentation app built for the iPad, is excited to announce that its technology is Dropbox friendly. This means that PDF documents can be exported directly to Dropbox by users for enhanced, but easy, storage and sharing. This will allow users to seamlessly use TruQC with a file-storage platform with which they are already comfortable.

Job-site documentation app compatible with Dropbox

“For a cloud-based technology like TruQC, this is a big advancement,” said Benjamin Chute, Chief Technology Officer at TruQC. “This is a feature that was requested by our user base and we’re proud to see our software meld with other popular technologies – especially ones as popular as Dropbox.”

Dropbox is a file hosting service offering storage and synchronization. The cloud-based service ultimately allows users to access designated files from any point of internet access. The service is free and is compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone.

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