TruQC job-site documentation app named 2012 top product

TruQC is excited to announce that CoatingsPro Magazine recently named us the high-performance coatings industry’s product of 2012, and thus, one of the top products of the past 10 years.

“CoatingsPro has been serving as an in-the-field expert for our industry for 10 years now,” said Ross Boyd, VP of Operations at TruQC. “Their endorsement is one we’re very honored to have. This is yet another milestone for TruQC.”

Per their website, CoatingsPro created the list to celebrate and commemorate their first ten years as in-the-field experts.¬†Other products on the list included Amerityre’s flat-free tires, Turtleskin MFA WaterArmor and the Fusion CS plural component spray gun from Graco.

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