TruQC quality control app international, announces RB Corrosion services

RB Corrosion Services logoTruQC is pleased to announce that RB Corrosion Services, a New Zealand protective coating consultant and inspector, has selected our mobile job-site documentation app to handle their daily inspection reports.

“We have a strong position in the oil and gas markets in New Zealand and are very well known to the key players,” said Ron Berry, Director of RB Corrosion Services. “We want the best for our clients which is why we’re looking at this opportunity.”

RB Corrosion Services is a group of professional protective coating consultants and certified inspectors. They have work experience of almost 80 years in corrosion protection for oil and gas infrastructures, petrochemical infrastructures, marine structures, power-transmission structures, and smelters in New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific Rim area.

“We’ve always worked hard to ensure that we employ the latest in electronic technology and associated software to give our clients the very best data and advice,” said Berry.

Due to the recent surge for TruQC in international business, all of our job-site documentation app’s readings are now being converted to metric and a 24-hour clock has been activated. This comes on the heels of our industrial coating app for the iPad getting interest from users in nearly 50 countries.

“When we started TruQC, we knew there was a need not only in the US for an industrial painting app for the iPad, but a global need as well,” said Ross Boyd, our CEO at TruQC. “Our new relationship with RB Corrosion Services and the ever-expanding international interest in TruQC support our original belief. That excites us greatly.”

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