TruQC ready for download in the Apple App store

TruQC job-site documentation app in the iTunes store

It’s official – TruQC is live and ready for download in the Apple App store. The news came at 5:17 pm on Saturday, June 2nd from the iTunes Store team.

“It’s certainly an email I’ll be hanging on to,” said Ross Boyd, VP of Operations with TruQC. “A lot of midnight oil and sweat has gone into TruQC. It’s fantastic to see it finally ready for the public.”

TruQC was first conceptualized in 2011 by Ross Boyd and Dane McGraw, two employees at a St. Louis-based industrial painting contractor who had recognized inefficiencies in the reporting and documenting processes of industrial painting and coating practices. Their solution would grow to become TruQC, a suite of cloud-based job-site documentation software built for the iPad.

“Technology has encouraged everything to evolve,” said Dane McGraw, VP of Development with TruQC. “But the ‘job site’ always seemed to be a few steps behind. We think the industry is ready for a jolt and we’re going to work hard to make sure TruQC does just that.”

The TruQC suite of software includes a solution for improved safety documentation (TruSafety), enhanced quality control documentation (TruInspection) and improved accounting and time-management documentation (TruCost).

“TruQC is very well-rounded and unique to the industry,” said Benjamin Chute, TruQC’s Chief Technology Officer. “And while this is a milestone, there’s much more work to be done to ensure that we continue to deliver on our promise of a safer, more efficient job site.”

TruQC will be used on the historic Eads Bridge project in St. Louis, Missouri by both St. Louis Bridge Company and Thomas Industrial Coatings.

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