TruQC releases Version 2.0 of its job-site quality control app

TruQC LLC, a St. Louis-based startup that has developed a cloud-based job-site documentation and quality control app, recently announced Version 2.0 of its product. Chief Executive Officer Ross Boyd regarded this update as the company’s biggest to date.

“It’s a very refreshed product,” said Boyd. “While we stand by the previous versions wholeheartedly, like any innovation, revisions and rework are all due process. Or at least they should be. To us, that’s the signature of a healthy product.”

TruQC has listed many new updates with Version 2.0 but are naming the Document Library addition as the single most significant new feature.

According to TruQC, the Document Library allows users to remotely manage field employee access to job-specific documents like SDS, PDS, blueprints, scopes of work, contracts, employee certifications, equipment user manuals and more. The TruQC Document Library allows admins to access a field user’s “library” and add/remove documents as they see fit. For instance, if the scope of work changes on a given job, it is convenient to remove the dated version and upload the most current.

TruQC quality control app Document Library

“The Document Library is an update with extraordinary potential,” said Benjamin Chute, Chief Technology Officer at TruQC. “With the addition of the Document Library, users can now have all job-site relevant documents literally at their fingertips.”

TruQC was originally built for use by one of the country’s top industrial painters – Thomas Industrial Coatings (TIC). TIC is currently using the new version of TruQC on the Eads Bridge rehabilitation project, a nationally recognized project on one of the country’s most historic bridges. The job started in spring of 2012.

In 2012, TruQC was a finalist for the Tabby Awards /Business, CoatingsPro Magazine High-Performance Coatings Industry’s Product of the Year and a CoatingsPro Magazine Top Product of Past Ten Years. The app is currently a finalist for the Material Performance Readers’ Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.


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