TruQC signs leader in Canadian market

TruQC is excited to announce the signing of our first Canadian client, Corrosion and Abrasion Solutions Limited, Western Canada’s high performance one stop shop for complete abrasion and corrosion solutions. While focusing on preparing and improving surfaces of tanks, pipelines, vessels, oil field equipment, and concrete, CASL puts being the leader in their industry at the forefront by implementing the latest technology.

CASL1“TruQC has been committed to giving top-tier contractors a superior internal documentation method as well as the competitive advantage when providing project documentation to project owners. Our partnership with CASL is a perfect example of how this can be done,” said TruQC CEO, Ross Boyd.

High performance and cutting edge technology are extremely important at CASL, and to keep on top they run a number of facilities across Western Canada including: Fuller Western Rubber Linings Ltd., Unimin Canada Inc., Inotec Coatings and Hydraulics Inc., Christie Corrosion Control Ltd., EnerClear Services Inc., Magnum Energy Services, and Master Blasters.

When putting priorities in order, safety is first and foremost for the employees of CASL. They view their people as their greatest assets–making sure the well-being of their employees, customer’s staff and the environment takes precedence over all else. By implementing TruQC’s safety documentation on their jobsites, this will ensure the safety of their employees is never compromised and effective¬†quality control management is achieved.¬†CASL2

“Partnering with TruQC has been a huge gain for us. Customers are impressed with the robust, complete reports we provide, and my technicians learned it very quickly. The system is very user-friendly and has the ability to grow along with us, which is important. We are now producing a better set of turnover documentation for our clients, and it actually requires less work to create–I believe that is a win-win,” said Ashley Neufeld, CASL General Manager.

TruQC will also help in maintaining their extensive library of safety, technical specifications, and inspection and test plans that meet or exceed the requirements of their multiple-industry customers from oil and gas, to mining, water treatment and pulp and paper.

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