TruQC talks job-site safety with Todd Cook, Safety Director for Thomas Industrial Coatings

When we first began designing TruQC, job-site safety popped out immediately as an area where quality control software could bring a much-needed touch of modernity to outdated methods of job-site documentation.

Today, many of the reports we offer deal directly with issues of job-site safety. You could say it’s a pretty important part of what we do here, and we wanted to find out how we’re performing.

To do so, we sat down with Todd Cook, Director of Safety at Thomas Industrial Coatings, to talk about the ways TruQC helps keep his guys safe.

Take 5

A Take 5 Report, or a “stretch and flex” as it’s often called, takes place prior to each shift and at the change of operations. As the guys loosen up, they begin to discuss potential hazards particular to the site and the job at hand and are encouraged to offer input on creating a safer workplace.

“This way safety is everyone’s job,” Cook said, “it turns safety into a conversation among the crew.”

Following daily hazard identification, the foreman works through a checklist on which he can detail any corrective action he’s taken to remedy a potentially dangerous situation.

Toolbox Talk

The Toolbox Talk Report is another useful feature of TruQC’s safety repertoire. At TIC, the meetings function as an effective way for supervisors to provide employees an opportunity to learn about and address specific safety concerns.

What the Toolbox Talk Report offers is instantaneous documentation that preserves the accuracy of the conversation and is sharable between anyone in the company via the cloud. It doesn’t hurt that it meets and exceeds OSHA standards for safety.

Todd Cook praised the date, time and GPS stamps specifically as an effective way to verify the many reports he receives as Safety Director. These measures ensure that the reports are filled out accurately at the time of the safety meeting and not revisited later.

Here’s where safety meets accountability.

Incident Report

Perhaps the most powerful instrument in TruQC’s safety toolkit is its Incident Report. In an ideal world, Take 5 and Toolbox Talk prevent workplace accidents and this report never gets used. In reality, accidents sometimes happen.

We live in a world where data is readily available on just about everything, from the 1934 Cardinals to the Guinness World record for marshmallows eaten in a minute. Shouldn’t the same be true of your company’s safety record?

With TruQC’s Incident Report, safety stats are never more than a swipe of the finger away. Easily retrieve every Incident Report your company has ever filed, and examine incident types in search of trends. Patterns can be recognized and serial safety concerns can be addressed, making your job-site a safer place to work.

From the field

Todd Cook has noticed an overwhelmingly positive reaction from TIC crews, not to mention that it makes his job a little easier.

“When you put technology like the iPad into someone’s hands, it demonstrates how important job-site safety is to the company.”

Most members of the crew find the interface intuitive and easy to use, he said, and appreciate how little typing is required, with so many data fields filled by drop-down fields and checkable boxes.

For a demonstration of all TruQC’s job-site safety reports, schedule a live demo today.

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