TruQC to share $1.8M in grant money from NSRP Executive Control Board

TruQC National Shipbuilding Research Program US Navy

TruQC, a St. Louis-based company that develops software for better job-site documentation, was recently named as one of 12 recipients of $1.8 million of total grant money from the NSRP (National Shipbuilding Research Program) Executive Control Board.

The grant was awarded as part of the NSRP’s mission to reduce the costs of Navy shipbuilding and repair. It will be used to test if TruQC software can be tailored to comply with Standard Item 009-32 and replace the current paperless systems that are in place by the Navy.

“This is a big milestone in our company’s young history and we’re looking forward to showing NSRP how robust our software is,” said Ross Boyd, CEO at TruQC. “It’s an incredible honor to be chosen to work with our Department of Defense and we’re excited to get rolling.”

TruQC, along with BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards and Marinette Marine, was awarded grant money to explore the reduction of paperwork involved in the ship-cleaning and painting requirements of the Navy’s Standard Item 009-32. Projects were awarded based on their ability to address the program’s objective of discovering innovative, cost-reducing technologies or processes.

The NSRP Executive Control Board announced funding for the 12 projects as part of the program’s mission to reduce the costs associated with Navy shipbuilding and repair. The projects will be executed through NSRP’s panels, which include Surface Preparation & Coatings.

TruQC is a cloud-based job-site documentation platform for the iPad. The software suite allows documentation paperwork associated with complex industrial painting projects to migrate to the iPad. Learn more about the job-site documentation platform.

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