TruQC unveils new St. Louis headquarters

TruQC is excited to officially announce that the move into its new company headquarters is complete. The new St. Louis office is located at 108 North Clay Avenue in Kirkwood, Missouri. The company’s suite is fully wired with all of the modern technology that TruQC needs to operate with ease and efficiency.

“We’re excited to settle in at our new office headquarters,” said Ross Boyd, CEO at TruQC. “We have a new creative environment that’s built for collaboration. The whole team can work more effectively and, in turn, create a better product for our customers. For our startup, this is a very significant milestone.”

TruQC is cloud-based job-site documentation for the iPad. The TruQC app suite allows much of the paperwork associated with complex industrial painting projects to migrate to the iPad. The entire documentation process is streamlined, improving user experience while minimizing points of failure and inefficiency.

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