TruQC working hard to revolutionize job-site documentation

TruQC, a St. Louis-based company that constructs interactive tools to build a more efficient and more accountable job-site, has officially launched its initial suite of apps built for the iPad. The company will be demonstrating the cloud-based job-site documentation live at the NACE Corrosion 2012 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With products dedicated to job-site safety, better inspection practices and more efficient time tracking and accounting methods, TruQC is expected to revolutionize the traditional paper-based job-site documentation process. TruQC technology ensures objective field-data collection, increases operational efficiencies, reduces error and complies with required industry standards set by federal regulatory agencies, NACE, OSHA and others.

TruQC app - cloud-based job-site documentation for the iPad

“We believe it’s a game changer – something that can really influence the way job sites are managed,” said Dane McGraw, VP of Development at TruQC. “We’re confident this technology will bring much more objectivity and accountability to the job-site, thus making for a better process, product and end infrastructure worldwide.”

AppSync, a proprietary software created by the company that built the application, InspiringApps, allows TruQC bi-directional syncing for app-to-server and server-to-app communication, enabling the merging of job-site data entered offline as well as the ability for multiple users to view data entered by others in near real-time.

“Working with InspiringApps allowed us to free our thinking from traditional network constraints to truly think outside the box,” said Ross Boyd, VP of Operations at TruQC. “We were able to create a mobile application that will transform job-site performance and productivity across a multitude of industries.”

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