TruQC’s website admin is here

Big news, TruQC users! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and that’s why we’re very happy to announce that Internet browser access to your TruQC account is here. The website admin version of TruQC allows users to login via a web portal, on either a Mac or PC, to access their account details.

From the website admin portal, users will be able to:

  • Review reports
  • Set up jobs
  • Add employee accounts
  • Upload documents to the Document Library
  • Run summaries
  • Access and view the dashboard

The website admin version of TruQC is designed to make administrative functions of the app easier to review from the office. Reports will still need to be filed using an iPad, since objective field reporting is one of the main purposes of TruQC. But soon it will be possible to complete most administrative tasks from the home office with a desktop or mobile device, with no additional user fees.

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