US Coatings—the latest to sign with TruQC

St. Louis-based US Coatings has recently signed on to implement TruQC on all job sites. US Coatings has recently signed on to implement our job site documentation and quality control software on all job sites.


Focused on consistent quality and customer service, US Coatings is a full line industrial coating and lining supplier. They pride themselves on being agile enough to customize products to fit the needs of their clients, including project line evaluations, site-specific troubleshooting, and custom coating development.

In addition to their top-of-the-line products, US Coatings supplies owners with individualized, professional surveys for each site, allowing the customer to bring experienced professionals, armed with the latest technology, directly to their project. With NACE certified inspection in house and SSPC certified inspection on staff, they can provide owners with coating system recommendations alongside proper QC/QA plans for application.

We’re excited to partner with a company that is just as passionate about quality and customer service as we are, and look forward to streamlining their documentation processes. For more information on TruQC’s partnerships, visit our clients page.

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