Version 1.0.7 of TruQC is now available and ready for job-site documentation

We’re excited to announce that Version 1.0.7 of our job-site documentation has its boots laced and is ready to go to work. Updates include:

  • Approved reports can no longer be edited
  • Fixed an issue based on an iOS 6 default timeout setting, affecting users that need to sync a large amount of report data
  • QSMs can now submit reports
  • Improved performance on the File Cabinet screen on initial load with a lot of reports
  • Job numbers starting with a zero will now be preserved across a sync
  • Week-ending picker on the expense report now only shows Sunday options
  • Fixed bug where “In progress” indicator for the sync wasn’t showing properly across screens
  • Fixed bug where the saved employee or job alert would fire on a sync
  • Fixed bug that allowed a NULL job or employee to be created
  • Improved validation on job and employee admin screens

Click here to download from the App Store.

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