Version 1.1 of job-site documentation app TruQC ready for download

We’re excited to announce that Version 1.1 of our job-site documentation app is in the App Store and is ready for download. This is our biggest release to date and have worked very hard in getting our product to be the most useful tool it can be.

Here are the release notes for the update:

  • TruQC now officially supports iOS 6+ only
  • Permissions-based sync filtering; you’ll only sync the reports for which you have permission
  • Time-based sync filtering; the default sync is the current two weeks
  • Added a user-editable “Report Date” field to General section of the Daily Inspection Report
  • Added a start time and stop time to the Foreman’s Report timesheet
  • We will now clear user selections if a filter is added in the drafts or file cabinet screen, thereby preventing accidental report actions
  • Disallowed users from approving their own reports
  • Office Managers can now approve expense reports
  • Office Managers can now submit all report types
  • Owners can now approve all report types
  • Added the ability to change the job number associated to each expense on the expense report
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements

As always, you can download the app for free in the App Store and you can request a free demo. Thanks for your support and we’ll continue to work to make this the best, most useful tool on your job-site.


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