Version 2.3 of our quality control software coming soon to an iPad near you

We’re excited to wrap up a very productive summer with the announcement of Version 2.3 of our quality control software for the iPad. Official release is slated for late August. Current users will be prompted to update when the new version is ready to roll.

What’s new in this build of TruQC?

Lots and lots is the short answer. Here are some of the many improvements, including under-the-hood changes as well as app-wide user experience updates:

  • Custom Checklists: For the checklist, we can create as many new checklists as you need, with your company’s unique questions.
  • Note Annotation: You can now annotate any report’s associated documents with the note annotation tool. Label it, add your customer-specific item category to the note, add a photo, and everything is rendered with the document in the final PDF.
  • New navigation: We consolidated the Drafts and File Cabinet into one view and moved Settings into Admin.
  • Users can now save filters in the File Cabinet.
  • Improved workflow for administering jobs and employees.
  • Better localization support: We’re respecting currency and time formats based on your Region selection in the iPad’s settings. We added a country indicator to the job admin area. The state field is now “State / Province” and includes the Canadian provinces as well as an “Other” option with keyboard entry. We’ve added a toggle for Celsius vs. Fahrenheit in the Environmental Conditions section of the DIR.
  • There are many new areas to add as many photos as needed.
  • Improvements to sync.
  • Unified general elements across all reports for better consistency.
  • Take 5 and Checklist Template: Greatly enhanced user experience and workflow for these checklists with disclosure triangles, animated spots for additional supporting information and photos.
  • Speed optimizations on some date pickers and the checklist view in the Take 5.
  • Lots of other general improvements and bug fixes.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a forced update. That means, if you’re a current user, you’ll be forced to update. NOTE: Before updating, make sure to open Version 2.2 (your current version) and let it sync first. This is especially important if you’ve entered any data while offline.

If you’re not a current user, what are you waiting for! Contact us right away for a live demo.

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