Version 2.4 of TruQC’s quality control management software

Fall is in full swing and so are the developers at TruQC. Version 2.4 of our quality control management software is slated for release on October 17th. Keep an eye on your App Store icon and our blog for all the latest on the release.

It’s a pretty safe bet that updates will follow quickly in the wake of a major new product release. Apple released iOS 7.0.2 just days after its much-anticipated iOS 7 release. Naturally, we too have cleaned up a few items following the unveiling of the new operating system, aiming as always for the smoothest possible user experience.

So what’s new?

  • TruQC was always compatible with iOS 7. In Version 2.4, we’ve beautified a few design and functionality facets, and will officially support only iOS 7 moving forward.
  • We’ve added the 00932 Appendix 1- 7a for the US Navy, for the added convenience of our service men and women.
  • Documents in the Document Library can now be tagged with like terms for easier organization within jobs. “User Manuals” or “Blueprints,” for example.
  • Enhanced PDF viewing in File Cabinet, including a scrubber and the ability to search for words and phrases.
  • Miscellaneous operational improvements.

If you’re unsure of how to update an app, you can read our short post on the topic here.

To make sure you’re always operating on the latest version of our software, consider changing your settings to download updates automatically. To do this, go to your ‘Settings’ screen and scroll down the left-hand column until you find ‘iTunes and App Store.’ Scroll down to ‘Automatic Downloads’ and move the ‘Updates’ slider button to the right. Now the latest version of our app will download upon release.

If you have made any changes to documents or reports while using TruQC’s quality management software offline, be sure to sync before you install the update. This will ensure that the changes are reflected in the latest version.

If you’re not a current user, schedule a live demo today and see a tutorial on the latest version.

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