Version 2.5 of our quality control app comes with a new look

In an effort to ensure our quality control app aligns with the look and feel of Apple’s iOS 7 release, we’ve given TruQC a makeover for the new version, due out in early December. To implement the redesign, along with all the other useful updates that accompany version 2.5, users will have to delete the app and then reinstall the new version from the app store.

Before doing so, it’s advised that users perform one final data sync. If you do not reinstall the app, you will receive an error message prompting you to perform a delete/reinstall.

Other features and updates in the new app:

  • Design updates will continue to align more closely with iOS7, and officially only support it moving forward.
  • Updates for Navy Appendices and PDF rendering for faster and easier output of finished reports.
  • Custom reports for our friends at KTA-Tator.
  • Rudimentary Dashboard view to get ideas flowing. Access through Admin<Dashboard for charts sortable based on data synced to your iPad.
  • Added granular storage of annotations data for more easily adding annotations to the same associated document by multiple parties, at the same time.
  • Ability to change the color of an annotation and remove those out of sequence.
  • DIR Environmental Conditions now suggest the relative humidity, dew point and delta based on your input, but allows for editing.
  • Every report’s general section now features a general comments box.
  • File Cabinet now includes a Download option to sync all images and associated documents for offline viewing, while report data is still synced with every syncing.
  • Ability to select or de-select all items within the File Cabinet.
  • More intuitive numbering of document notes.
  • Updated workflow for PosiTector device readings.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and optimizations.

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