Version 4.4 update enhances data security, privacy

TruQC is cloud-based. Our users enjoy instantaneous access to their document library on the cloud anytime, anywhere, on the iPad. An offsite administrator can view documents the moment onsite personnel upload them. On a secure network, this is a benefit. On an insecure network, it’s a liability.

At TruQC, securing our users’ data and ensuring their privacy is top-of-mind. Technology is always changing, and we’re constantly evolving to keep up with the data security and privacy needs of our users. From using Amazon Web Services cloud-hosting to our nightly vulnerability scans, our users know that our system is not only up-to-date, it’s secure. Read more about our state-of-the-art security precautions here.

Keeping user data secure and private is paramount to making a cloud-based app like TruQC user-friendly and effective. That’s why we’ve taken many security measures in our upcoming 4.4 update.

One of these measures is a new authenticated scheme. When you first log in, behind the scenes you are granted a token that expires every 30 days. If it’s been more than 30 days since your last log in, the app will force you to log out and log in again. This keeps day-to-day use simple, while still allowing for the peace of mind of knowing that unauthenticated users will not easily be able to gain access to your account. Of course, this only applies to when you’re online, so don’t worry about being logged out on the job site without a signal.

Automatic password resets every 90 days are another security feature protecting our users’ data. While it may take a few extra seconds to log in, the resets only happen four times a year, and serve the vitally important function of ensuring that only authenticated users have access to your documents. Whether you are the head of QC for a bank or you’re an event organizer, TruQC understands the importance of taking the security of your documentation seriously. We understand that regardless of the regulations surrounding your industry, it is important, both for your reputation and for your clients, that your documentation remains safely in your hands.

Password security is further enforced by our software prohibiting the use of any password used within the last 13 iterations, or in the last year. This way, if an unauthenticated person obtains a password, it will be changed quickly and not be used again for some time. And, to further TruQC’s password security, if an unauthenticated person attempts to hack into your account, they will be shut out after 5 consecutive invalid login attempts. This protects not only the integrity of the QC documents you gather on the job site, but also the information of your clients.

Beyond the 4.4 update, TruQC has many long-standing security features in place to protect user data. To read more about TruQC and its data security features, head to our Learning Center.

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