What hardware will I need to run my QC software?

This’ll be a short post. That’s because deciding to sign up for TruQC is the biggest step. After that, collecting the hardware you’ll need to run our app is easy.

Our QC software runs on Apple’s iPad. Because it’s a fairly robust, multifunctional platform, we always recommend that our customers purchase the latest model of iPad. Currently, this means the iPad Mini 3 or the iPad Air. We like both of these models for their increased portability (over an already easy to handle design) and reduced weight. It may seem like a small difference, but who’s complaining about a good thing getting better?

Since we always counsel our customers to think of their hardware as an investment, we like to recommend protecting that investment. Here’s an article we wrote recently about protecting your iPad in the field. There are a lot of players in the business of making the sturdiest possible iPad case, which is a big win for the consumer. Though not strictly necessary to run our QC software, we think a sturdy iPad case is a good idea.

For many of our customers, a harness for the iPad is also a good strategy for getting the most out of your device. If you’re familiar with feeling like you don’t have enough hands at work, a harness may free up some appendages. Sling your iPad over your shoulder and get your hands dirty.

So, in short, when it comes to the “must haves” for running your QC software, it’s incredibly simple. An Apple iPad. Servers, IT departments, interns and the like, leave that to us. It’s all part of our mission to simplify quality control and process documentation.

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