What’s the best way to implement quality control software?

Implementing quality control software

Maybe it’s because of our skilled salespeople, or maybe it’s the incredibly wide-ranging functionality of our app, but when we’re talking to potential customers we often notice a sense of excitement building. Customers begin to imagine how our software can make things like quality control and process documentation easier for their own organizations.

But then the sales cycle progresses. Talk of implementation begins. The specter of company-wide process changes is raised. Understandably, a level of anxiety accompanies thinking about the process of wholesale changes to business operations. What if things don’t work out? How much time and productivity will be lost in the process of reverting back to our old way of doing things?

Some companies are okay with implementing new process documentation software across all their departments at the same time. They understand the transition may feature some bumps, but they would rather weather those right away and get through the transitional period all at once. For some companies, this approach seems a little too much like putting all their eggs in one basket.

We understand this hesitation. We’ve seen it before and we can offer two points of consolation right off the bat. First of all, our customers have overwhelmingly been happy with our software. We have a 98 percent customer retention rate. Still, we wouldn’t expect this to alleviate all your fears. Your business is unique. We’ve never worked with a company exactly like yours.

That’s why our main strategy for easing fears of implementation and process changes within an organization is to counsel prospective customers on the optimal amount of users to start out using TruQC. This advice aims to eliminate the uneasiness that would result from telling your entire staff that the way they do business is changing tomorrow.

Aiming for a smooth transition

Start with the feature of TruQC you’re most excited about. Let’s say, for example, that your QC department realizes they are going to save boatloads of time with TruQC’s cloud-connected, permission-based approval process. In this case, start by only rolling out TruQC within your company’s QC Department.

This focused approach prevents every possible user from needing to be trained at the same time. They may be jealous, but the safety, HR and accounting departments can all be added onto the software when the initial users have become comfortable with it. The initial department can even act as in-house support when they’ve really got it down.

We work with companies ranging in size from small to quite large, and the average amount of users our customers initially enroll is around five. Introducing the software piecemeal is an excellent strategy for avoiding an unduly stressful implementation period.

What we don’t recommend is letting worries about implementing new practices keep you from making moves. A small, targeted initial approach can go a long way towards a smooth transition. We think it’s capable of doing so, but TruQC doesn’t have to change the way you do business overnight.

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