When should a painter go to the tablet for industrial painting quality control?

The past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to travel to numerous trade shows and industry speaking events to showcase our industrial painting app.

In our travels, without question, one of the top questions we continue to get from owners of industrial painting and industrial coatings companies is “When is the right time for my painting company to move into the tablet space?”

Industrial painting qc software

In other words, is there a formula or a tipping point that is the proven time to make the leap to the tablet for job-site documentation iPad software?

In fact there is a right time. Unfortunately, it was yesterday, or even the day before that, or, well, even the day before that. But don’t worry – it’s not too late. Today will suffice just fine.

It’s all relative when it comes to pricing

It’s important to note that the pricing for iPad-based quality control software is scalable – or at least at TruQC it is.

Sure, there’s the one-time buy of the tablet (in our case – the iPad) itself, but once you’ve made that purchase, you’re looking at nothing more than a scalable pricing model. No hard, fixed costs. So no “right time”, as far as cost is concerned, to jump into the tablet.

At TruQC, our goal was to make pricing as simple as possible for our end user. That’s why we developed our $100/month per report type, $100/month per user model. Walk if you come across a massive fixed cost. There are better options, we assure you. In fact, we happen to know of one!

The right quality control software will actually save you money

That’s right. If you choose the right quality control software for your industrial painting company, you will save money. After all – that’s the point, right?

But hold on for a second – is it really a cost in the first place? We look at what we provide as more of an investment in the first place. We’ve proven strong ROI with our software. And whatever industrial painting quality control documentation software provider you select, they should be proving strong ROI as well. This article from Constructech speaks specifically to the money that technology can save – even in times as tough as the sequester.

If you’re waiting for things to stop changing…

They’re not going to. Just like there’s always going to be a better edition of the iPad, there’s always going to be a newer version of our software. The good news? When we update our software, so do you. At no cost.

So at some point, you have to quit testing the water and just jump right in. Your competition will beat you to the splash if not. And the world, well, it will pass you by if you don’t. You’ll be using pen and paper, and everyone else, they’ll be relying on mobile technology to change their life for the better. After all, look how much has changed in the past seven years alone.

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