What it’s like to work with TruQC from discovery to launch

TruQC is far from a download-and-done application. It’s the complete digitalization solution needed by enterprise organizations to spark their digital transformation.

We don’t merely convert analog reports and job-site documents to a digital format (e.g., paper to PDF). Rather, we help organizations transform their workflows to leverage digital technology. We empower them to collect information in real time, track issues through to resolution, analyze trends and mitigate risk throughout their operations.

To accomplish this, we work with clients on a case-by-case basis to configure our software engine to their existing workflows. Still, our discovery-to-launch process doesn’t take long. The turnaround is as fast as one day for smaller clients, and only a couple of months if we have to custom-build features.

Here, we’re going to walk you through the discovery-to-launch process we go through with each client to adapt our platform to their unique workflows.

TruQC consultation phase

Phase 1: Discovery consultation

We start every client relationship with a comprehensive discovery consultation. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about your organization and high-level goals so we can craft the best digitalization solution for your company.

For this phase, little client investment is expected — just a few calls with your dedicated TruQC Project Manager. They’ll want to speak with a representative from each of your teams and ask a series of questions meant to give us a complete picture of your processes and pain points.

What to expect during the consultation phase:

  • Your dedicated Project Manager will speak with your teams to get a holistic understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities and concerns.
  • Our team will do a thorough review of your established workflows.

Client-specific scope of work for TruQC

Phase 2: Build a client-specific scope of work

After the discovery consultation, your PM will work with you to build out a scope of work for configuring our framework to fit within your organization’s current processes. You’ll have an online screenshare meeting with your PM, where they will present wireframes and a technical requirements document. They’ll also discuss the feasibility, timeline and cost of the required configurations so everyone is on the same page as we move into development.

What to expect during this phase:

  • Map out expected development-to-launch timeline.
  • Determine cost of configuring your TruQC framework.
  • Receive wireframes of your reports.

Development phase for TruQC

Phase 3: Develop your TruQC app

This is when we begin developing your TruQC framework. We’ll stay in communication throughout the development process, notifying you as we make progress and asking for your feedback. We’ll conduct plenty of tests on our end, and set up a call with you to review your TruQC before it’s approved for release.

What to expect during the development phase:

  • Updates from your PM as we develop your TruQC.
  • The TruQC team will conduct tests internally to guarantee premium functionality.
  • *This phase isn’t necessary for every client.

Gathering customer feedback

Phase 4: Gather customer feedback

We’ll let you preview your TruQC throughout the integrate and beta phases of development and will give you a chance to communicate all your feedback and revisions to our team.

Then, we’ll implement your revisions, confirm we’re meeting expectations and move your TruQC framework to prod. Prod or Production, is the live version of your current build of TruQC. On prod, all dev is finalized — meaning you can begin filing reports, running summaries and working as usual.

What to expect during this phase:

  • You’ll review your TruQC framework as it’s being developed, and alert us to any revisions or changes you’d like made.
  • At least one meeting to review dev and gather your feedback. More meetings may be required for larger builds.
  • Once all revisions have been made and you’ve signed off on development, your TruQC will be launched and ready to use.

On-site implementation and training

Phase 5: On-site implementation and training

We want to make enterprise-wide adoption of TruQC as easy as possible, which is why we offer you unlimited training sessions, calls, emails and customer support as you roll it out.

Our training representative will explain TruQC’s features, walk through “a day in the life” of using TruQC and answer all of your team’s questions. Our goal is to make sure your team is entirely comfortable using TruQC.

What to expect during the implementation and training phase:

  • An on-site or online training meeting with a TruQC representative.
  • Our team can schedule a follow-up training, hop on Q&A calls, send you ‘how-to’ videos or create process documents if your team requires further assistance.
  • Frequent check-ins from a TruQC representative to make sure your team has everything they need to be successful.

As your organization continues to use TruQC, you’re bound to have questions, report changes and revision requests. That’s why we offer our clients unlimited training and customer support. For more substantial requests, we can always loop in our Project Managers and development team.

If you have any more questions about our discovery-to-launch process, or the TruQC platform in general, feel free to reach out. We’ve gone through this same process for hundreds of clients, from leading oil and gas companies to shipyards to coatings inspection companies. To get a taste of what it’s like to work with us, check out a few success stories from our current clients.

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